Goats are a critical means of support for Zimbabwe orphans

By March 13, 2023
baby goats

Zimbabwe (MNN) — One out of every four kids in Zimbabwe doesn’t live with their parents, according to UNICEF. Most have either been abandoned or orphaned. AIDS is a significant problem in the country, and it’s estimated Zimbabwe has 1.3 million AIDS orphans.

Christian World Outreach helps orphaned kids and their caretakers with an interesting means of support — goats!

CWO Zimbabwe

(Photo courtesy of Christian World Outreach)

CWO’s Greg Yoder says, “We don’t have an orphanage per se. We try to find what we would call here in the States ‘foster families.’ A lot of times that’s grandparents and uncles and aunts that bring the kids in.

“[Goats] help them raise some money because they’ve brought another child into the house that they didn’t have before and helps them raise money so they can feed them. We continue to help pay for school fees and food and clothing and things like that.”

What difference do goats make for Zimbabwe families? Yoder explains, “If we can get them a pair of goats, they can get the milk but they can also have baby goats to raise some money for the family.”

CWO has given goats to 60 households so far. The ministry hopes to fund 100 more goats in the next two months for Zimbabwe families.

You can help! Each goat costs just $70. It’s a minor investment with a critical impact.

Help the ministry reach its goal and give here to the Goat Project under CWO’s Zimbabwe fund!

Yoder says it’s all done in Jesus’ name. “Pray that this will expand to give us opportunities to share the Gospel. That’s why we help with the physical needs is it opens the door to share the Gospel with people.”







Header photo courtesy of Jonathan Mast via Unsplash.

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