“God at work” despite turmoil in the MENA region

By February 12, 2024

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — Turmoil in the Middle East-North Africa region constantly fills the headlines. Think of how often you hear about situations in Israel, Iran, or Lebanon, for example.

Yet hope remains. “Despite the challenges, God is at work,” Jennifer Murff with the MENA Leadership Center says.

MLC’s team sees this work first-hand. “Our mission is to bridge leadership gaps and build the capacity of Christian leaders throughout the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan, and North Africa to expand the Gospel and accelerate what God’s doing,” Murff says.

Society in the MENA region presents incredible challenges for Christian leaders. These challenges include leading under political Islam, humanitarian crises, and insufficient resources.

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“We work with existing organizations throughout the MENA to plan and lead more strategically,” Murff says.

“We do not do leadership training; we train existing high-impact leaders already doing the hard stuff.”

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“We train Muslim background believers, so they have the tools to navigate turmoil successfully,” Murff says.

Pray that a new MLC initiative equipping Christian women leaders will be successful.

“We’re seeing women, more than ever, rise to the surface to meet the needs of the Church on an organizational level,” Murff says.



Header image courtesy of MENA Leadership Center.

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