God is opening doors in a needy area in remote Siberia.

By May 29, 2006

Russia (MNN) — Siberia is well known for its harsh and desolate winters. But in the summer, it’s beautiful, lush and green.

It is to this remote land of Siberia that Teen Missions International is taking a team to lead a first-ever boot camp for Siberian teens. This summer, the team will travel by train through the Ural Mountains to the city of Shadrinsk.

Teen Missions’ Bob Bland says, “It’s a needy area that we’re trying to reach out to, and we’re running a boot camp. We have staff there right now that are setting up the boot camp that will run this summer. And God has opened doors. We’ve had some young people from Siberia that have been to Teen Missions and know it.”

It seems like things are coming together, and Bland is encouraged by what’s happening. “I just received an email from them and set up is going, the pastors are very excited about us coming and working with the teenagers in that part of the world, and so it looks like it’s going to be a real go, and we have a team of young people that are going, American teenagers, that will go and help run that boot camp and get it started, and we’re hoping of course then also to have a Bible school there as well.”

Bland says they’ll be looking for land and the possibility for a Bible school while they’re on the trip this summer, with great hope for the future of what God will do in Siberia through His church.

Pray for God do great things as the American team leads the Siberian boot camp and helps strengthen the church in Siberia.

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