“God is shaking Lebanon like never before.”

By April 6, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — If you’ve been watching Lebanon lately, you know how bad it’s gotten. For example, it’s been nine months since the government quit following the Beirut blast. Caretaker officials still cannot agree on who should take over the country.

On Friday, a senior World Bank leader forecast further doom unless Lebanon can get its act together. Amid the seemingly endless tragedy, there’s at least one reason to celebrate. “A lot of people are finding hope in Jesus in a completely new way,” Pierre Houssney of Horizons International says.

Perceptions are changing, too.

“We’re seeing a lot of people that used to be hostile toward evangelical Christians, like some of the Catholics and Orthodox people, they are now very open and they’re very positive about the evangelical movement.”

Three years ago, Lebanese believers sought the Lord and asked Him to move mightily in their nation.  God’s response was unexpected, but not unwelcomed.

“God is shaking Lebanon like never before, and the corrupt politicians are hanging on for dear life,” Houssney says.

(Photo courtesy Horizons International)

“It’s really sad to see the politicians hanging on without any compassion for the people. They’re multimillionaires and they’re still not satisfied, whereas the regular people are just stuck [in] a lot of despair.”

From despair springs hope

Things the Lebanese used to trust in – their bank account, the economy, the government – are fading away one-by-one. Tangible expressions of Christ’s love from Horizons and local church partners remain.

“We’re not even getting close to reaching all the needs of the people. But hand-in-hand with the churches, we’re seeing a huge spiritual impact happen in concert with that physical aid,” Hossney says.

Send help and hope to Lebanon through Horizons International. The Lebanon Crisis Fund — formerly the Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund — provides vital community support through humanitarian aid and Gospel outreach.

“The churches need support because there’s a lot of pressure to flee. A lot of people are trying to find any opportunity to go to the West or just get out because there are no opportunities here,” Houssney says.

“This is a very, very critical time in Lebanon. We’re not sure which direction the country is going to go.”



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