God opens doors in Georgia for Warriors Set Free

By February 23, 2022

USA (MNN) — A spiritual freedom ministry focused on the United States military expands from Michigan to Georgia, gaining new staff and Gospel opportunities. Georgia ranks fifth in the U.S. for total Department of Defense military, civilian direct-hire, reserve, and national guard employment.

Steve Prince leads Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries. Based in West Michigan, Warriors Set Free helps veterans from all branches. Learn more about their approach here.

“As a current member of the Army, Warriors Set Free is important because I know that I don’t have to combat lies and fear alone.”
(Graphic, caption courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

“Bringing Jesus to veterans helps them with PTSD, suicide, depression. We assist them, we guide them in healing from the past and winning those battles,” Prince says.

Last year, the Lord put a more expansive vision on leaders’ hearts. “Michigan has no active duty posts at all. So, we started praying about it, and all roads led to Georgia,” Prince says.

“Out of faith, we got on a plane, went down to Atlanta, started meeting people, and connecting with different organizations.”

Today, Warriors Set Free has one full-time staff member in Atlanta, and “in December, a man in Holland, Michigan, connected us with Terry Tucker, who runs a property [in Atlanta] that’s going to house 400 veterans,” Prince says.

“They’re doing complete (holistic) care, and they were missing the spiritual element, so we’re going to be a part of their collective impact.”

Plus, “God keeps opening doors. A week ago, we did a Zoom call with a colonel who’s in charge of finding new approaches within the (Army) Chaplain Corps, and they’re going to study the freedom appointments specific to veterans,” Prince says.

“We already know it works. This will be scientific proof to the Army, to the other branches, that freedom in Christ [works] and warriors who are set free are set free indeed.”

Ask the Lord to strengthen and sustain Prince and other believers on the Warriors Set Free team. The ministry is growing at an incredible pace. Support Warriors Set Free here.

“I’m holding on and praying and telling the Lord, ‘this is more than I can handle,’ so He better be driving. I’ll sit down in the backseat, shut up, and do what I’m told,” Prince says with a laugh.

“We want to be in the will of God; we want to be going where He leads us and not forcing things on our own,” he adds.

“As He opens doors, we need the courage and the wisdom to go through them.”




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