God provides beyond ministry’s belief

By August 15, 2008

Myanmar (MNN) — When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar early this spring, it took with it loved ones and treasured possessions, including Bibles.

World Bible Translation Center (WBTC) saw the need for Bibles as requests came in from people on the ground after the disaster. The requests totaled at least half a million. WBTC's John Anderson said, "People who had been affected by Cyclone Nargis were coming and asking for Scriptures. They even had some Buddhist monks who were asking for Scriptures to help them
to understand what was going on in their situation in the world, and they felt like the Scriptures would give them some answers to that."

Anderson said WBTC committed to providing 50,000 New Testaments. However, God had different
plans. "Right now we have enough funds to do a little over 100,000 copies." WBTC and eight other organizations, including Global Aid Network, will be distributing the texts.  Believers on the ground who are involved in each of the ministries will base their distribution efforts out of a few warehouses in Yangon.

The New Testaments being provided by WBTC are much different than the Judson Bibles the people of Myanmar usually use. The Easy-to-Read version that they will be getting is useful for new believers who are unfamiliar with the text.

"They're very open. There have been ministries involved in Myanmar for almost 200 years. There's a significant minority of Christians who are there," Anderson explained.

As for the Old Testament, it is already being translated by several citizens of Myanmar at a location in India. Depending on the health of the translators and any other unforeseen circumstances, it is estimated that the OT will be available in three years. 

"That's an unfunded translation at this point. It takes probably about half a million dollars to do an Old Testament," said Anderson. To provide funding for the new translation project or the New Testament distribution, call or e-mail WBTC. 

Pray that God will continue to provide for many people to read His Word.

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