GodMan film makes an impact

By July 17, 2008

(MNN) — When Book of Hope premiered the Spanish version of the GodMan film in Buenos Aires, Argentina two years ago, a little
girl's life was changed forever. 

A local church distributed about 60,000 copies of the Book of Hope in the
area, inviting children to the film. Over 3,000 children and youth packed the church to see the GodMan. Book of Hope founder Bob Hoskins was

He noticed how intrigued one little girl was as she watched
the film, and he pointed her out to the photographer. 

"At one point where Christ was being crucified, she actually
covered her face. And then when the
movie ended and the pastor gave an invitation for those who wanted to receive
Jesus, I saw her lift her little hand," Hoskins said. "And then when the prayer was finished, she got this big smile on her face."

The pictures taken that night now hang in Hoskins' office,
to remind him of the impact the GodMan film is having on children's lives. Just two weeks ago, he was in Buenos Aires again as his
son preached in the very same church. 

"I looked across and saw this same little girl two years
later, sitting in almost the same place. This time she was with a brother and a
mother, and our eyes met. And when the
service was over, this little girl came running across and grabbed me and
hugged me," Hoskins said. "Two years
later, a child's life transformed, her family in church, and it was just
something like God gave me a special present for that moment." 

This little girl is just one of many children that have been
impacted by the GodMan film–a computer-generated animation of the life of
Christ. The film has been translated
into almost 100 different languages and is being used in about 100 different

God is using the film in ways that Book of Hope never expected. For example, remote Colombian tribes that do
not have access to the Scriptures in their language will soon receive a
translation of GodMan

"We thought first of illiterates who can't read; we thought
of people in inaccessible areas where it's difficult to do a book distribution;
and, we thought of children who can read but prefer to receive their information
through visual media," Hoskins said. "But
God has just expanded the outreach of it as far as audience, beyond what we had

Book of Hope's most urgent need is prayer for protection for
its volunteers, said Hoskins.  Many
volunteers, like the ones in Colombia,
work in dangerous situations. Some
volunteers have been attacked or kidnapped. 

"We have almost 400 volunteers around the world, because we
work with the local churches, and their people volunteer to go into the
schools, distribute the book, and show the GodMan film," he said. "We need to pray a constant covering over our
volunteers that are distributing the books and showing the film around the

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