Godman is translated into Portuguese, more languages to come

By September 16, 2005

Brazil (MNN) — It’s a high-tech, 3D, animated film on the life of Christ. It’s Book of Hope International’s “Godman.” It’s been years in the works. It’s a film that will have a profound impact on the lives of young people for years to come. English was the first translation, then Spanish a month ago, and now another translation is available.

Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins. “We just completed the Portuguese for Brazil. And, I was just down there premiering it with an unbelievable response from the church and our volunteers and our workers. They’re going to begin to go out and show it across Brazil to children and young people.”

This isn’t the end to the translation work, however. Hoskins says, “In the next year we’re looking at 20 plus other languages it will be completed in, so we’re literally talking about millions of children that will have access to the word of God through the ‘Godman’ movie.”

The movie will be available first, for churches to use, “As an evangelism event, Vacation Bible schools, or to neighborhood movie nights, where children will actually invite kids to come out for a movie, and a movie will be held in a church, so that the intended purpose for the film, which is to reach children and young people as an evangelism event will be accomplished.”

That will be available some time this fall. Mission Network News will have that information when it is released.

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