Godman ministry is growing, many turning to Christ

By January 29, 2007

USA (MNN) — Book of Hope International's 3D animated film
on the life of Christ is seeing great success. It's called, "Godman"
and Book of Hope leaders are thrilled with how it's been received around the

Book of Hope's Chad Causey says four versions are already
completed. "Those versions that are already done are already active in
about 22 countries and in 2006 we have shown the Godman so for to 984,000
students.  We anticipate once the reports
come in from all the different fields it will be well over 1-million."

According to Causey as more translations and other versions
are finished in 2007, more than nine million students could be exposed to The

While the "Godman" was developed to reach the
functionally illiterate around the world, Causey says Book of Hope will be
handing out something specially to them. "They would receive a brand new
product that we rolled out last year called, 'The Storying Edition.'  'The Storying Edition' is a chronological
re-telling of The 'Godman' with pictures with very simple sentences at the
bottom of each page. And then, every 'Storying Edition' also has in the back a
story telling script."

That script can then be read by parents, teacher and others
while the child looks at the pictures.

Book of Hope is now making the film available for ministry
overseas. "If you have a friend or a family member, if your church
supports a missionary who's out there — we're ready to give them access to
both the Godman itself and also to accompanying Scripture portions that they
can distribute in conjunction with it."

The Godman is currently available in 17 differently

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