God’s at work in Gaza, despite horrific headlines

By April 5, 2024

Gaza (MNN) — Israel sparked international outrage this week when its airstrikes killed seven World Central Kitchen workers in Gaza.

When it was struck, the World Kitchen team had just delivered 100 tons of food aid at a distribution warehouse. Other aid groups have temporarily paused deliveries in Gaza, saying it’s no longer safe to offer help.

(Photo courtesy of World Central Kitchen via Facebook)

“The accidental attack against the aid workers is tragic; it’s just heartbreaking,” Uncharted Ministries’ Tom Doyle says.

“We know what they go through to get aid to the people because we’ve done those things at Uncharted. It’s hard to get through the Hamas blockade.”

Celebrity chef Jose Andres, World Central Kitchen founder, says Israel’s military intentionally targeted the aid convoy – a claim Israel denies.

“Israel has been explaining, they’re doing full disclosure. I certainly think it was not in their best interest to do this on purpose, of course, but they will be blamed for it like it was on purpose,” Doyle says.

Uncharted partners with believers on both sides of the war, and they see God at work – despite the horrific scenes in the headlines.

“We’re seeing people [becoming bold] in their faith,” Doyle says.

For example, “some of the Muslim background believers that we work with in Gaza — the hatred is pushed aside; they’re able to follow Jesus and live their life for Him amid a horrible situation.”

Learn more about Uncharted’s work here.

The Israel-Hamas war is “a difficult situation,” Doyle continues. “Whatever side people fall on, we can agree on this – we need to pray. We need to pray for the Palestinians who are suffering through this and for the Israelis who are suffering as hostages.”

Pray also for the hostages’ “families, now six months not knowing if their sons or daughters are alive or dead. Pray for the families of the aid workers [who] gave their lives to serve the people [who] are in misery right now.”



Header image depicts 2023 damages inflicted during the war in Gaza. (Wikimedia Commons)

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