God’s planning helps ministry in Haiti

By January 15, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — The United States President Barak Obama says the U.S. is committing $100-million for Haiti earthquake relief. U.S. officials estimate the death toll at 45,000-50,000. The amount of damage will be in the billions of dollars. Those still alive need help, and they need it now.

Global Aid Network, or GAIN USA, the relief and development arm of Campus Crusade for Christ, is ready to help now because of how God miraculously works. GAIN's CEO Duane Zook explains. "Several months ago, we shipped in a couple of containers of food, shoes and supplies to Haiti. We decided to go ahead and distribute the contents of one container at that time because they were so needed. But we held the other one just in case of an emergency.'"

Today, Zook says, there are more than one-million meals ready to be distributed in Haiti. "Campus Crusade for Christ has worked with a network of about 75 church in the past as we have worked with them in hurricane relief and so forth." And, that's how this aid will be distributed.

Zook says the pictures and video on television do not show everything. "I think we're only seeing a part of what's been happening and just a fraction of the devastation."

The needs are incredible, he says. "But [it's also] an incredible opportunity, I believe, to reach out with God's love in a practical way." Zook adds, "It's hard for them to even hear about God's love when they're going through this catastrophe, but when you help meet their medical, physical and emotional needs, it gives the opportunity to share the hope that's within us — the Gospel."

While GAiN does have one container in the country already, that's not enough. "We have eight containers of food and supplies ready to ship in, as well as medical supplies. So funding for the water tablets, the food, the shipping and the medical supplies is certainly a critical need right now."

Zook says they're heading in to Haiti today to find out "how we can help our staff and the churches develop the best plan to meet the immediate need, but then also to help meet long-term needs because this isn't going to go away over night."

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