God’s power displayed at Native American reservation

By August 5, 2015
(Screenshot courtesy of RHM)

(Screenshot courtesy of RHM)

International (MNN) — In John 1:5, John declares: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

That’s exactly the experience had by a group of Native American evangelists.

The On Eagles’ Wings team is a group of Native American young people and an outreach of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries. Every summer the ministry conducts the Summer of Hope Tour, where the OEW team visits Native American reservations throughout the U.S. and Canada to share the Gospel along with personal stories of hope.The team’s most recent trip was to the spiritually-dark Woods’ Crossing Reservation.

Satan was unrelenting during those four days. Many team members reported experiencing spirit disturbances and having dark dreams. Brad Hutchcraft, son of RHM founder Ron Hutchcraft, had a run-in with a moose as he was driving. But God protected Brad and ensured His plan for the week would not be thwarted.

“All this simply served to stir the warriors to a greater sense of spiritual warfare,”  Ron Hutchcraft wrote in a recent update. “At our team training, we taught on the victory won by Jesus’ shed blood on the cross–the crushing of ‘the serpent’s head.’ Some 60 warriors cried out to God for nothing less than a miracle in Walker Park. And they went to battle, prayed-up and fired-up.”

On the fourth night, one of the leaders invited the Woods’ Crossing Natives to give their lives to Christ. And that’s when they witnessed the miracle.

“It was like a dam broke,” Hutchcraft wrote in the report. “They came from all around the court, from every corner of the park! It was stunning!”

(Image courtesy RHM)

(Image courtesy RHM)

“I was frequently on the bus asking for prayer, but tonight was the best night I’ve ever had through OEW,” Dylan, an OEW member, added in a wrap-up video. “I got to talk to a guy; he struggled with the same things I did. I mean, it was a divine match-up.”

Native American reservations are some of the most spiritually-dark places in the world. They’re a hotbed of drug abuse and alcoholism, and many Native youth end up taking their own lives. The OEW team along with RHM are making a great difference, but they need your help.

There are multiple ways you can help bring Christ to Native American reservations. One is by prayer. Pray that Native Americans would realize their need for a relationship with God and that they would come to Christ. Pray that the On Eagles’ Wings team would continue to stand strong against Satan’s attacks.

Also, consider supporting this ministry financially. For $60, you can fund a half-day of reservation rescue. Click here to get started.


  • Roberta M says:

    Praise the Lord! I have been praying for another great summer harvest ever since last year when I first heard about On Eagles Wings. This is good news! God bless you all. God is good!

  • Jesus is alive and well and living in His children. Those who hear His voice and follow His calling…I am able to fly on Eagles Wings because of the sacrifice God made through His divine love for us. The blood shed by Jesus Christ God’s only Son who suffered and died for our sins…Thank you Lord and Praise be your Holy name…YOU ARE THE ONE TRUE GOD.

  • Hope says:

    Do you have any outreach opportunities for me to get involved in the ministry

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