God’s word accompanies relief aid in Florida

By August 18, 2004

USA (MNN) — The death toll continues to climb in the United States in the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie. Many relief organizations are rushing in to help the thousands that are homeless. Most are staying with family and friends, but 2,000 are still in shelters. The Salvation Army and other organizations are helping with the physical needs, but there’s at least one organization concerned about spiritual needs.

The International Bible Society is working with the Salvation Army meet those spiritual needs. The president of IBS, Peter Bradley says, “We have a partnership agreement with the Salvation Army so we can be on stand-by to supply them with Scripture for any emergency crisis that may happen, especially in the U-S and this of course qualifies.”

Crisis counselors say anger and frustration are setting in and most of the time depression follows. Bradley says, “People who, after a crisis like this one, are really in despair. They’re seeing their whole world change. They’re fearful. They’re looking for hope and that’s exactly what the Scriptures do.”

IBS is handing out several booklets that can help. “When Your Whole World Changes”, “Where Is God Now” for young people. There’s also a special collection of Psalms and a booklet called, “Building a Mosaic” which provides help to aid workers.

Bradley says Scripture is the only definite answer to life’s troubling questions. “We know that people in a crisis like this, they’re looking for hope. They’re looking for some sign of healing of comfort of peace to come into their lives. And, that’s exactly what the Scriptures do.”

IBS is asking people to pray for the Scripture distribution. Pray that those who receive God’s word will be drawn to Him.

Funding is needed to assure this type of ministry can happen during the next emergency need.

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