God’s Word, fellowship helps believers through hard times

By February 9, 2024
Mission India, church planter

India (MNN) — For many of India’s 1.4 billion people, the idea of following just one God, Jesus, is a whole new concept — and one that their communities react strongly against. 

Mission India believes that God’s Word and Christian fellowship are what God gives to strengthen His people in hard times. 

“That’s exactly what our programs all provide,” says Regan Miller with Mission India. “Whether it’s church planter training, children’s Bible clubs or adult literacy classes, there is community in each one. We are able to encourage people with the Word of God and let them know that God is there for them and has promises found in Scripture for them.”

Ragheed. Photo courtesy of Mission India.

Mission India was founded as Bibles for India nearly 45 years ago. Today, the groundwork for each of its three ministry focuses is still the Bible. 

“In children’s Bible clubs, kids are memorizing Scripture passages and learning songs that are based on the Bible. In adult literacy classes, students are learning how to read using Scripture. Then in church planter training, our church planters are giving Bibles to new believers and using Scripture-based materials to help lead people to Christ,” Miller says.

It was through one of these missionaries that God’s Word came to a young man named Ragheed, leading him to faith in Christ. 

“[Ragheed] grew up reading his own religion’s texts — his parents were adamant that he learned that. But the more he dug into it over the years, he just wasn’t convinced,” Miller says.

As an adult, Ragheed investigated his doubts even further and in the process became interested in Jesus. 

“He rediscovered a Scripture-based book that one of our church planters left with his family a long time ago. He ended up following up with [another] church planter and asking if they could chat more. She gave him a copy of the New Testament. When he read the book of Matthew, he was just captivated,” Miller says.

“It even came to the point where his family was persecuted because of his faith, even though he had received Christ and they had not. He was so confident in his faith in Christ that he moved out of the house. He did whatever it took to keep following Jesus.”

church planter training

Church planter training. Photo courtesy of Mission India.

Please be praying for people like Ragheed. 

“Our partners are not trying to run away from persecution,” says Miller. “They are asking that they would have courage and boldness to continue sharing the gospel. So we pray for their protection.”

Romans 15:4 says “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.”

If you have known the comfort and encouragement of God’s Word, would you prayerfully consider partnering with Mission India?

“We invite people to give a gift to our programs,” says Miller. “Through each of them (our programs) we will be able to share the Word of God and surround people with Christian community.”



Header photo of Ragheed and a church planter courtesy of Mission India. 

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