God’s word renewing hope for Nias Island earthquake victims

By May 6, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — While many buildings lay in ruin and lives are turned upside-down, a ministry is doing what it can to bring hope to Nias Island, Indonesia.

Bible Pathway Ministries Karen Hawkins says they’re playing a vital part of this ‘hope’ effort. “We can’t go, but we are partnering with missionaries who are on the ground. They’ve been there established for some time. And, they’ve been able to purchase Bibles. And, then we have paid for the Bibles for them to give to the pastors and the church members in Nias.”

While many people on Nias Island lost everything, Christians have an incredible testimony. “These people are praising God,” says Hawkins. “And, saying, if it hadn’t been for the tsunami, if it hadn’t been for this last earthquake we wouldn’t be as close to God as we are now.”

It costs $4 to distribute Bibles in this region. Much more could be done if they had the financial resources. You gift could make that happen.

This Bible distribution has become an evangelistic opportunity. “They’re going back and even the nominal ones from the tsunami, they counseled everyone that they gave Bibles and a number of people made decisions or recommitments. Every (Bible) that we get there it’s going to multiply. It’s not just one person. It’s entire families, it’s entire communities that is affected by God’s Word.”

To help Bible Pathway distribute Bibles in Nias Island, Indonesia, click on the highlighted link above.

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