Good and bad news six months after Japan tsunami

By September 14, 2011

Japan (MNN) — While scores of Americans were taking time to reflect on the World Trade center attacks on September 11, a nation halfway across the globe was reflecting on their own tragedy.

Last Sunday marked the six-month point since Japan was rocked by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami. Rebuild is moving along well, but the loss of some 20,000 people and the displacement of 400,000 more continues to plague the nation.

Throughout the devastating disaster, however, many Christians took up the challenge to respond by providing aid, shelter, and comfort. Only a miniscule fraction of the country was serving the Lord when the tsunami hit, but now the love of Christ permeates throughout as ministries give and love without condition.

International Aid is just one of those sparkling gems in the heap of ashes. The ministry has gathered over $150,000 in donations and can now rejoice over all the Lord has done as a result.

The funds have been used for a number of things. International Aid has been able to ship thousands of dollars of medications, hygiene products, blankets, and flashlights to partners working on the ground in Japan. They have also coordinated an effort to supply numerous families who lost their homes with "start-up" kits that include items such as appliances and furniture.

On top of that, the ministry has now purchased two vans that have enabled partners both to transport supplies to affected areas and to evacuate people living in locations with high radiation levels. They've also funded food packets that were distributed to Japanese people living in some of Japan's hardest hit areas.

All of this is done in the Name of Christ and His message. Thousands of Japanese continue to experience Christ's love as International Aid showers them with resources and Truth.

International Aid has been able to accomplish much, but many in Japan are still in need of help. Pray for God to open doors for International Aid to continue bringing relief to the Japanese people. Pray that hearts would open to the Gospel in the meantime.

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