Good news emerges from Syrian bombing

By September 25, 2014
Syrian bombing
Syrian bombing

U.S. and coalition forces continue bombing Syria and Iraq.

Syria (MNN) — As the U.S. and coalition forces continue bombing ISIS inside Syria, an amazing Good-News story is emerging. Yesterday, U.S. officials told us five additional strikes on ISIS targets in both Iraq and Syria were launched in an attempt to stop the terrorist organization.

Despite the attacks and widespread destruction in Syria, Alexsa MacDowall with E3 Partners says, “Right now, as the airstrikes are going on, we’re seeing and hearing a lot of the believers and Muslim-background believers are trying to get their families together and flee to neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and even Turkey as time rolls on. Some of them are staying, but for the most part, most of them are trying to leave.”

MacDowall says over one million refugees are in Jordan alone. More are expected in other countries as the Syrian bombing intensifies.

In years past, sharing the Gospel was difficult at best, and openness was limited. But with this unrest, she says, “They’re actually way more open to the Gospel. There are different reasons for that. One is: Jesus is appearing to them in dreams and visions. At the same time, in this time of difficulty, they’re seeing the faith that these believers have is carrying them through this.”

When they see this, they begin asking questions. “When they see the peace that believers have, they want to know about it. They’re searching. They’ve very open.”

This pastor remains as Syrian bombing continues.

This pastor and his family are still in Syria sharing Jesus.

MacDowall collects prayer request from believers on the ground for their 8thirty8 Facebook page. She’s in contact with a pastor in Syria, and there’s good news: “What’s interesting is that in the midst of this turmoil, a lot of Muslims are starting to stream into the churches. About half of his small house church was composed of Muslim background believers.”

E3 Partners is coming alongside Christians in Jordan to help them reach out in Jesus’ name. “We’re pouring prayer, resources, and training into believers there to help them open up their homes [to the refugees], to help them start house churches as well as meet the needs in their communities.”

There are some tangible ways you can help. First, “PRAY…not that the Lord would take them out of the difficulty, but that He would give them strength and endurance and hope, as well as peace, knowing that God has them in this situation for a reason. Because of the conflict, the nations are coming to know God.”

You can also GIVE financially here. “Every single dollar that’s given to that will go directly to the Christians that are working in Jordan and the surrounding nations.” Money is used for humanitarian supplies, Bibles, and more.

Then, you can also GO, and help physically. “E3 also takes trips to the Middle East. So, if you’re interested in serving on a medical trip, you can get more information at our Web site.”

If you’d like to sign up to get daily prayer updates from persecuted Christians around the world, go to their 8thirty8 Facebook page.

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