Good news from Haiti: more stability

By July 26, 2007

Haiti(MNN) — Economic ruin, political upheaval, kidnappings,
lack of food, and high unemployment have plagued Haiti for years. However, the situation appears to be changing,
according to one mission organization working there.

Killick Aristede is Technical Director for Radio Lumiere, an
outreach of World Gospel Mission. Aristede says the situation has improved
extraordinarily. "We have a newly-elected government — they have been in
power for over a year. The president is
not a born again believer himself, but he believes in the power of prayer. He
actually invites evangelicals to come to the national palace once a month to
pray for Haiti, and we have seen big changes happening."

Gang-related kidnappings have had an impact on national and
foreign missionaries, but Aristede says not anymore. "Police now have the
upper hand on the gangs. They are pretty much controlling the streets of Port
Au Prince and the other major cities. So we are seeing a great move of God
in Haiti as far as the violence is concerned."

This new stability is allowing Christians to begin heading
back to the country to help the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. WGM
is right now recruiting a team to help Radio Lumiere with facility needs. Aristede
says they can use people with many different skills. "We have shelf
building. We have studio painting and cleaning. We need people who are more
technically inclined that can work with us on the AM site."

The work of Radio Lumiere is a network of AM, FM and
television stations. Lemiere says, "We are scattered all over Haiti,
especially in the west and in the southern part of the Haitian territory. And
we reach out to 95% of Haiti."

Aristede believes God is using the situation in Haiti to
draw Haitians to Himself. "In the midst of calamity, in the midst of
misery, the Lord has this way of getting the attention. I think He's getting
the attention of the Haitian people right now, and people are turning to God
because they are so desperate."

$200,000 is needed for their main AM radio station. A new facility, transmitter and other
equipment are needed. Click here if you
can help.  

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