Good news from the Teen Missions ministry of Mozambique and Malawi.

By December 8, 2004

Mozambique (MNN)–Teen Missions International reports slow success in efforts to set up a Bible school in northwest Mozambique.

After many delays, the teams have been promised some land by the District Secretary. Furancungo is near Malawi and the people speak Chichewa.

That means the Malawi staff are better equipped to run this Boot Camp and reach this people group. As for the history, the first Teen Missions Boot Camp in Malawi (AIDS Orphans Orphanage)was run in 1988.

Since then, they have run every year since. They run in the winter, which is the warmer time of year in the Southern Hemisphere. Teen Missions acquired 160 acres of land near Chipoka on Lake Malawi in 1995.

In 1997, the Malawi Boot Camp began to send staff and students each year to a remote area near Furancungo, Mozambique to run a Boot Camp there as well.

As the teams do community service projects such as building outhouses, weeding gardens, and renovating schools, they win the right to be heard and then are able to share the message of the Gospel.

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