Good news in the abduction of a Kashmiri Christian woman.

By June 20, 2005

India (MNN)–There’s good news in the case of a kidnapped Christian Kashmiri woman.

About five weeks ago, Asia Harvest sent out an urgent prayer alert, asking for prayers on behalf of young woman “Katie”.

When no news came for weeks after her disappearance, her team believed she might have been killed.

Hope renewed when she managed to escape for a few moments on June 8th and call her coworkers. At least they knew she was alive. “Katie” gave her location, and her family rushed there only to find she had already been moved to another place by her kidnappers.

But word on Friday was that she had escaped again and this time had made her way to safety. She says her abductors were trying to reconvert her back to Islam. She also said her captors had produced some fake documents claiming that she was married to one of them. This happens frequently to Christian women throughout the Muslim world.

Pray that God will protect her and others like her as they work to share the hope of Christ. Her team is also asking that people pray that she will receive godly and effective help from any physical, emotional or mental scars this ordeal has given her.

The incident has not lessened their determination to continue to share Christ with as many of the four million unreached Muslims in Kashmir as they can.

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