Gospel and hip-hop

By April 22, 2013

SE Asia (MNN) — Missionaries use a variety of activities to relate to those they want to reach. Art, sports, education, and music are just a few of the activities used, but what about hip-hop dancing?

On a recent evangelistic excursion that PIONEERS took in Southeast Asia, the team stumbled upon a group of break dancers. The leader of the group they found out was a 21-year-old who was an expert in robotic, hip-hop dance and graffiti painting.

He is also very influential in the lives of many teenagers and young adults in his artistic community.

The PIONEERS team saw this as an opportunity to share the Gospel, so they invited the leader to supper the next day.

Over the meal, the local partners of PIONEERS took the opportunity to share the Gospel. The dance leader listened intently and responded positively but was hesitant to fully embrace the message.

This did not deter the team; they once again invited him to dinner the following night. This time the story of Cain and Abel was shared, giving evidence of the need for a sin sacrifice.

Although he did not make any decisions, he did ask the group to visit his family home to pray for his younger brother who was suffering from a serious toothache. He also gave the team his girlfriend's contact information as she is attending university in a nearby city.

Having an interest in hip-hop created a bond with the 21-year-old which gave the team common ground for the relationship. The hope is that he will receive Christ as Savior and introduce his friends to Christ.

In the meantime, the PIONEERS team will continue to build their relationship with him and be there to answer questions that he might have.

Pray that the relationship between the hip-hop leader and the team will continue to grow. Ask God to soften his heart towards the Gospel. Pray that the leader will share what he learned with his peers.

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