Gospel contact to be made with a tribe isolated for a century

By June 15, 2011

Kyrgyzstan (MNN) — In Kyrgyzstan,
Muslim resistance
against Christianity has grown, especially in the villages.

Restrictions have been introduced regarding
the possession of Christian literature. But that isn't stopping the Gospel from getting in.    

Audio Scripture Ministries is working with a partner in the region who found
an isolated unreached people group two years ago. The tribe was so remote that they had not
seen outsiders who spoke their language in a century and barely had any
awareness of today's world. This group lives
at an altitude of 14,000 feet, and most do not read.

The visitors brought Kyrgyz believers who are taking the initiative for
physical, educational, and spiritual outreach to these people. Audio Scripture Ministries is providing digital
Scripture players for this project.

Most of these people had never heard of Jesus until 2009, when the first
Scripture players were introduced. The
team plans to return in August to follow up and strengthen relationships. They
have requested help in supplying the players.

The players are field programmable, inconspicuous, and solar-powered. The FM Ambassador Mega Voice player combines the
digital audio player with an FM radio receiver. The result is a device that
people can use to listen to Scripture stored on the player as well as
broadcasts from Christian radio sources.

ASM's original goal was for up to 1,000 players. However, they urgently need
to ship as many as God provides. Each one costs $40. ASM will need to ship these early enough that
they can be placed with the team before they leave. 

Pray that the door stays open. Kyrgyzstan ranks 46 on this year's Open Doors
World Watch list. According to a report
from Forum 18 News Service, religious communities as well as human
rights groups are critical of the harsh new Religion Law brought in 2009. They're
asking for it to be abolished or changed.

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