Gospel for Asia reaches out to flood victims

By September 22, 2009

India (MNN) — Gospel for Asia
Compassion Services is at it again.

Helping out in past years with
victims of tsunamis, cyclones and fundamentalists, Compassion Services is
helping out on some fifty small islands in West Bengal. The monsoon
season which lasts from June to September is just concluding. This year, it brought flooding.

Over 400 believers' homes in the
area were completely destroyed by the waters. K.P. Yohannan with GFA said these
houses were only made of mud with tin sheets for roofs, but when they were
destroyed, the people of the area lost everything they had.

Yohannan said these disasters are
a crucial time for his team to step in and tangibly show the love of Christ.

"When people suffer, that's an opportunity for us to say, ‘God loves you. He cares about you.' But
how can we do that without giving them a meal or some medicine or shelter or clothes to wear when they have nothing to wear?" Yohannan said.

GFA has spent several million dollars
over the past year doing just that. Yohannan said they have a large amount of people
on the ground which enables them to give more more quickly.

While caring for these victims
physically is vital, Yohannan said the work goes beyond physical care to
spiritual care.

"It's like Jesus," Yohannan said.
"He healed the sick and fed the poor and needy and hungry. But He always made
sure they heard about the Kingdom message. And for us, this is again an
opportunity … somebody can get a nice house and plenty of food and clothes, but
if they die without Jesus … they are lost."

Referencing Matthew 25:34-40, Yohannan
said he cannot wait for all the people who have helped GFA to
get to heaven and for Jesus to say, "Whatever you did for one of the least of
these brothers of Mine, you did for Me."

Yohannan adds, "Let us look
at this as our privilege and opportunity to fulfill the heart of our Lord,
because whatever we do, we are actually doing it for Jesus."

As GFA serves in various areas,
they hear people say to them, "Thank you for helping us with equipment,
materials and houses, but we are more grateful that we found peace and hope in
Jesus because you told us about Him," Yohannan said.

To enable GFA to continue
their work in India or other countries, help is needed. Yohannan said that support from people outside of Asia enables their ground workers
to work efficiently .

There are a number of ways you
can help. First, the mud houses in West Bengal cost $500 to construct. Homes in
Orissa destroyed by fanatics cost $2500. A donation of any amount will help.

Yohannan said whatever you give,
whether great or small, will help, and 100 percent of the funds will go directly into the mission.

To donate, you can visit the GFA Website or call 1(800)WIN-ASIA.

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