Gospel literature brings joy and hope across Colombia

By February 6, 2023

Colombia (MNN) — Distributing Gospel literature in Colombia reaps great rewards. 

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says it’s challenging to transport materials, especially through the mountainous regions. But a local partner helps move boxes of the Scripture booklets across the country into several areas, including Bogotá, Cali, and Medellin. Every box has 500 pieces of literature printed to share the Gospel.

“They’re going by motorcycle in the mud. They’re walking from village to village. They’re climbing mountains to get to villages. They’re putting the boxes on their heads and carrying them all over the place,” Williams says.

The hard journey is worth it when the Scripture booklets get into the hands of Colombian pastors. 

WMPs local partner in Colombia helps to distribute Scripture booklets across the country.

“He says that pastors are happy with the literature,” Williams says. “He’s passing them on to other pastors. Even when these pastors get just one box, or whatever they’re passing it on. The Word is spreading, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of work and money to get it there.”

With more and more Venezuelans crossing the border, they also receive the literature and learn about the Gospel. At the start of 2023, Colombia had 3 million Venezuelans seeking asylum and more on the way. 

Opportunities to share the Gospel continue to increase, and people are responding.

One Colombian pastor told WMP, “Many are learning about Christ and the need to be discipled more and more. We sincerely appreciate your support in this valuable work of evangelism.”

Williams wants believers to be encouraged and know that “God is at work in so many places in the world.” 

To meet demand, WMP is preparing to send another 40-foot shipping container full of literature that will reach thousands more in Colombia. You can support the work of WMP here. Every dollar can produce 24 Scripture booklets for people who don’t know the Gospel.


Header and article photos courtesy of World Missionary Press on Facebook.

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