Gospel spreads despite terrorist threats

By November 11, 2003

Colombia (MNN)–Missionaries working in the terrorist minefields of Colombia boldly proclaim Christ amid bombings and the gunfights of guerillas.

In some places there are car bombs,” says Gabriel Prada, Latin America leader for Christian Aid Mission. “We also have horse bombs, bicycle bombs, even Bible bombs. Buildings and cars are blown up, but we go on preaching the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Prada explains with the situation as volatile as it is, their workers are frequently caught in the crossfire. To complicate matters, the guerrillas are also suspicious of evangelists. “When a small band of believers comes into these out-of-the-way communities, they believe that along with them, there are government people that have infiltrated these evangelical groups.”

Prada says the unrest forced many to flee the fighting. Their unsettled condition makes them a fertile harvest field. “We are seeing many, many people come to the Lord. We are seeing many churches being planted. Missionaries are really taking the challenge of going to these very dangerous areas. People that have accepted the lord from those particular areas, they have taken on the challenge of getting small cell groups, which in turn become full-grown churches.”

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