Gospel tracts melds with Hollywood themes

By June 13, 2007

United States (MNN) — As Hollywood gears up for releasing their summer movies, the American Tract Society is doing the same.  Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, Evan Almighty, and Shrek tracts are now available.

The tracts are a great way to talk about the movies everyone is seeing while sharing the message of the Gospel. "Shrek was really trying to find out who his real friends were. And so, it's a great way to let everyone know that Jesus Christ is your friend. He's there with you today, tomorrow, and always, and its just a great analogy," said Donna Skell of ATS.

The tracts use the main point of the movie and relate it to things that everyone experiences.  Then they show you the need for God. The front covers use the same images that are being used to promote the movies. 

You have to get people's attention in order to share the Gospel. That can be difficult with competition from the media and entertainment industry. Skell says, "There's so much stuff around, there's so much paper that people don't treasure [tracts] like they use to. But if we can put something in their hands that is timeless, like the Scriptures and the Gospel message, I just really think that the Lord will bless it."  

Skell suggests the tracts can be given to friends as well as those that we meet in passing.  "Even when they go to the theaters, it's a great way to hand out a couple of related pieces of literature that have to do with the movie." 

The tracts are available for purchase on American Tract Society's Web site. 

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