Gospel work continues in China without international visitors

By March 26, 2021

China (MNN) — Bibles for China hasn’t visited China since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out over a year ago. Read about the initial outbreak in Wuhan here.

But that hasn’t stopped scripture distribution. Kurt Rovenstine says, “What we do is very simple, and yet an incredibly powerful opportunity. Because other ministries who really rely on being on-site, their resources and people [being] hands-on, have really struggled. What Bibles for China has done from the very beginning is to rely upon networks and individuals on the ground to help us help them with scriptures.”

Aside from the virus, political tensions between the U.S. and China have also deteriorated over the past year. The Chinese government continues cracking down on outside influence in the country. Rovenstine says not being in the country may actually help their ministry: “We hope to return one day because those are relationships, those are friends, those are people we want to encourage, and we’re encouraged by them. But until such time, as it hinders our ability to distribute scripture, we’re going to try to be good stewards of our, of our resources and stay out if it causes problems.”

Join with this work and learn about the ministry at Bibles for China’s website. You can send a Bible into a rural area of China for just $7. Rovenstine says, “We believe in the power of the Scripture to make a change. And if it’s getting into the hands of those who will read it, it makes a difference.”



Header photo courtesy of Nigel Pipe from Pixabay.

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