Gospel workers learn how to care for refugees

By October 17, 2022

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — Wars and rumors of wars will increasingly become the norm as we approach the end of days, the Bible says. With wars come refugees, people who’ve lost their homes, and believers who want to help them.

MENA Leadership Center provides refugee ministry training. “We are impacting people doing ministry on the ground,” MLC Vice President Fadi Sharaiha says.

“People in the Middle East have been doing refugee ministry for years because the Middle East is full of wars all the time. But what we have offered is how to do things professionally, honoring God and the refugees themselves.”

Whether through a six-week online course or in-person workshops, MLC instructors provide “best of class” training.

“We train Christian leaders how to be careful around working with refugees. One of the sessions taught how to understand the psychology of a refugee,” Sharaiha says.

(Photo courtesy of MENA Leadership Center)

MLC exists to bridge leadership gaps and raise the capacity of Gospel workers throughout the Middle East/North Africa region. Refugee care isn’t the only focus; MLC provides training in whatever Gospel workers need most.

For example, “one of our courses is training Christian leaders how to do the digital church; how to build an online community around the church…so that you will reach beyond whatever you used to be,” Sharaiha says.

As a nonprofit organization, MENA Leadership Center relies on the generosity of believers like you to provide these vital programs and courses. A gift of $399 enables one church leader to engage in an MLC course. Consider sponsoring a leader here. By training one leader, you equip them to help thousands of people in this critical region.



Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Ahmed Akacha/Pexels.

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