Government asks Lebanon nonprofits to prepare for “whatever comes next”

By November 28, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Fear is tangible in Lebanon as Hezbollah prepares for the next phase of war against Israel.

“People are afraid; people are full of doom and gloom. The media is feeding us the possibilities of wars, bombs, and being stranded in the country; even schools have been talking about the possibility of going online in case things happen,” Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says.

“The government contacted many NGOs [to] ask if we’re ready for whatever is going to happen; if we’re ready to join forces together to work.”

Representative photo depicting food aid.
(Photo courtesy of TM Lebanon)

British journalist Dominic Waghorn warned of a long war yesterday, saying that the Israel-Hamas war could continue for “a number of weeks if not months.”

The Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah joined the fray six weeks ago when it began attacking Israeli settlements on the border to show solidarity with Hamas. Ongoing clashes have uprooted between 40,000 and 60,000 people, who are now taking shelter wherever they can in Lebanon.

“We’re not directly involved yet with displaced people, except for the small group coming to our region,” Nuna clarifies.

“Most of them (the displaced people) are still in the Tyre region. We’re waiting to see what will happen, but we’re getting ready.”

TM Lebanon is preparing emergency supplies and food aid, and “We’re training the team [in] spiritual first aid,” Nuna says.

“When tragedy happens, most people would say, ‘Where’s God?’ or ‘Why did God allow this?’ If we’re not ready, then these questions will go unanswered.”

Find ways to help here. Most importantly, pray. Ask the Lord to give believers wisdom as they meet pressing needs in the name of Jesus.

“We have assumptions of what people need and are asking for; sometimes, it’s totally different,” Nuna says.



Header and story images courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon.

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