Government may reclaim land from Christian camp

By July 2, 2004

Tajikistan (MNN)–Bible Mission International is working with local churches in Tajikistan to provide a Christian camp for children in Central Asia.

The camp has changed many lives and they have been able to introduce the Gospel to many. However, there is word that the government would like to reclaim the land where the camp is located.

The church says they purchased the camp and hold a title with a government signature and stamp. When the pastor was approached by the government about the possible closure of the facility the pastor told the government that they would have to go and tell the children that they would need to leave.

So far, the camps are taking place but the facility many not belong to them much longer. In their culture it is acceptable to take back property and this property is prime real estate. Many resorts are built in the area where people of the government and people with money come to stay.
Malcolm Smith with BMI says prayer is needed for this situation. They also do not want to upset the government. Currently, they have a good relationship and work with them in education, health and prison programs along with their orphanages.

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