Government support helps ministry reach millions

By July 16, 2007

Ghana (MNN) — In 2003, Book of Hope made a five-year strategy to reach 10 million children in Ghana with the Gospel.  To date, they have reached 8 million and have been granted access by the government to every school in the country.

At the first vision casting for the project, there were two key guests. "We were blessed to have the wife of the then-vice president of Ghana in attendance. The minister of education was in attendance also, and they were so impressed that when they went back, they spoke to the government, and the government gave us permission and letters to enter every school," said Sylvanus Elorm.

They have distributed Gospel and moral literature to the children as well as shown them the GodMan film.

At first, BOH did not visit Muslim schools in order to avoid religious conflict. However, after visiting one public school, they passed by a Muslim school where the children chased after them saying, "Why do you leave us out?" Then they spoke with the Muslim teachers who said they wanted the teaching on the other issues that Christians were teaching
along with the Gospel.

"And then they go on to make a joke, ‘Well, if we don't want your faith at least we want your moral issues.' But I bet you, testimonies are coming that they are reading everything, and lives are being changed," said Elorm.

Next year, BOH would like to do outcome research in the areas where they visited to "measure what kind of changes we have brought into their lives, the impact we've made in their lives, our mission being accomplished. That is a big area we want to go into–research. So we need your prayers," said Elorm. 

Just last week the government contracted BOH to distribute one million Bibles to junior high schools, as well.

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