Graduates ready for full-time ministry

By August 31, 2007

China (MNN) — Far East Broadcasting Company can draw people to their school through their radio programs.

One graduate, Ben, said his conversion came through FEBC's radio program and later it was his only spiritual nourishment. The program speaker talks about man's sinful nature and God's grace.

The programming even prompted him to go to Voice of Friendship Seminary in China. When leaving for school, Ben said he packed only clothes and his radio.

As a university-level Bible program, graduates can leave with a degree in ministry. Upon graduation, Ben had majored in business and ministry. 

FEBC's school helped him continue on with his own outreach as a pastor of a worship group he started. He helped grow the group in his spare time after his day job. Currently though, he is in full-time ministry. Ben is helping more people become Bible study leaders. 

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