Greeks to see JESUS in the midst of turmoil

By March 14, 2012

Greece (MNN) — Some of the earliest Christian missions work began with Paul in Greece. Yet, two thousand years later, evangelical Christians make up less than one percent of the nation.

The economic crisis Greece has faced over the last few years has caused many Greeks to reevaluate. Hearts are opening as people see worldly things disintegrate before their eyes. Many are looking for something more.

Due to the small number of Greek evangelicals, though, it's not easy to reach every hurting heart one-on-one with the Gospel. Campus Crusade for Christ in Greece is seeing a great response from another means.

Teams of Campus Crusade and JESUS Film Project staff along with believers from local churches will distribute 100,000 "Magdalena" DVDs in Athens, Volos, and Alexandropolis during the week leading up to Orthodox Easter, April 15.

Although most Greeks don't know Christ, almost all of them consider themselves to be part of the Greek Orthodox Church, and many will be celebrating Easter already. This spiritual timeliness combined with the uncertain climate will hopefully provide an open door for this film which depicts Jesus' life through the eyes of a woman.

A large number of people in Greece have turned to the Lord through this film in the past. Hundreds of the one million North African and Middle Eastern refugees living in Athens have also become Christ followers after watching the "Magdalena" and "JESUS" DVDs.

Leading up to Easter week, JESUS Film Project has many needs. The top priority is prayer. They ask prayers for boldness for those distributing the DVDs. Pray also for open hearts during a whole series of film showings during the Easter season.

DVDs are also needed. Ten DVDs can be supplied for only $40. Each of these could be used to share the true message of Easter: salvation through Christ, the risen Savior. Only the Lord knows who your DVDs will reach–a woman who works in a bank, a mother with two young children, a widow in a fourth-floor apartment, or a family in the coastal suburbs. Click here to help.

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