Growing, loving, and waiting come together for a Gospel worker

By March 4, 2013

Mexico (MNN) — After spending three years in Monera, Mexico, Jennie Clements, of The Mission Society , went back to the United States. But after a few years in the States, Clements felt a pull on her heart.

"It's really good to be back; it feels like home in a lot of ways," Clements says.

Even though Clements said it feels like home to be back, she says it is different. The first time she was in Mexico, Clements remembers people staying out on the streets late and everyone being social and welcoming. "In 2009 it started getting pretty violent with the drug cartels," she says.

Now that Clements is in Mexico full-time, her role will change; but for now she is waiting for her work visa. As she waits, she is focusing on a small group of college students. "We hang out and eat, and then have a Bible study.

"It's been so good, because they are much more mature now, and they are really wanting to learn and to grow. Some of them are really following Jesus," Clements says.

"Most of my ministry right now is just being with people, spending time with them, building relationships, and doing a little bit of tutoring on the side."

Clements sees the difference Christ can make in a community that is mainly Catholic. "A lot of people know about Jesus, and they've heard of Him, but I wouldn't say that all people know that He is Savior and that He can do exactly what they are praying to Mary for and what they are praying to the saints for."

Clements is serving the Lord in every way possible. She asks for prayer "that I would continue to be patient as I wait for God to open doors for what I am doing."

Pray also that people will come to know Christ through The Mission Society's work in Mexico. In the words of Clements, "It's all in His time, and He'll do what He wants to do when He wants to do it."


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