Growing number of believers cause unease among Muslim leaders

By September 19, 2012

Afghanistan (MNN) — According to the Mohabat News Agency, Muslim officials are calling for action against believers. This is nothing new for the Islamic nation: Afghanistan is ranked #2 on the Open Doors World Watch List. But the "rate of growth of Christianity in Afghanistan" is causing unrest among Muslim clerics.

In a recent article, Mohabat News said Islamic seminary students and Muslim clerics called on President Hamid Karzai to "limit the number of aid-workers and Christian missionaries coming to Afghanistan" to keep Afghanis from converting to Christianity. The Iran-based news agency also cited the actions of Afghani Muslim clerics, who "warned the country's government against the spread of Christianity."

Recent turmoil began after a Kabul-based TV station reported the conversion of several Afghans to Christianity and aired photos of them praying and being baptized. This reportedly sparked anger in the Parliament, and some members asked to convict believers under Sharia Law. Under Sharia decree, if someone leaves Islam and converts to another religion, they can be executed.

Ask God to protect these new believers.

The Afghan church is completely underground; the last church building was destroyed two years ago. The small number of known Afghani believers risk their lives each time they gather in small house meetings. Pray for courage and perseverance for Afghani believers. Pray that the Gospel would spread despite significant challenges.


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