Growing pains and thrills in Sweden

By February 3, 2012

Sweden (MNN) — Growth is a good problem to have, right?

Growing pains, while not fun, mean something good on the other
side of transition. That's precisely the
process that The Evangelical Alliance Mission in Sweden is reporting.  

Founded in 1993, New Life Church in Stockholm now represents more
than 50 different nationalities from all corners of the world, from Albania to

As a result, they're looking for a space with more room to grow. They recently put together a down payment for a new building. 

hand-in-hand with InterAct, a Swedish church and mission movement, TEAM missionaries
are seeing churches grow that bring the whole Gospel to the whole person in
Sweden. Their strategy: to transform lives and multiply churches through
relational, holistic evangelism and by mentoring young leaders to reach their

The ministry team
uses music, art, and social caring to reach children, youth, and those who have
been marginalized by their society. It's a catalyst used by the community of Jesus
Christ to love and serve the people in Sweden.

This approach
has met with success, and people are
responding. Please
pray for the congregation as they renovate a warehouse, allocating space for
the activities of the church while continuing ministry at the present location
through the end of February. 

Pray that this intense period will draw the church together and reveal how they can serve the
community better.

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