Growth in Africa’s church prompts Bible shortage

By September 23, 2008

USA (MNN) – Bible Pathway
Rita Guerra says the demand for Bibles and study helps is growing
faster than they can answer in Africa. 

There's a sense of urgency to
getting Bibles in while there's still time, particularly in Nigeria. "Militants in the north are coming in
with Sharia law; they're really pushing. This is our problem–getting Bibles over there. We've got three big conferences scheduled for
the last part of November. Right now, we're scrambling to get them copies of
the Word."

Many of their church partners
have small churches with a single Bible. The pastors need help. "They
don't have Bibles, never-mind additional materials to study the Bible. The preachers in those countries don't
realize that there's something else to read besides the Bible. We just send the
basic things: the Bible, the Bible study, the concordances, anything to help
them understand."

That makes participation in other
events even more difficult. Take, for
example, the Bible Reading Marathon.
Participants work together across denominational lines to read through
the entire Bible aloud. 

One such marathon is scheduled to
take place in Liberia. But Bibles there
are scarce, partly due to their expense, says Guerra. Aside
from the fact that the Bible being used for the marathon may already be in
much-loved shape, if you add hundreds of people paging through the delicate
leaves, more damage may result, and a
replacement may be out of the question.

Other partners have hundreds of requests and
have turned to the ministry for help. The ministry acknowledges daily requests from
around the globe, with as many as 8 or 10 people making requests in a single
letter because the cost of postage is so high they cannot afford to pay for the
stamp alone.

But, Bible Pathway can't do it
alone. "We need the Bibles, either
new or used, and the postage to help ship them overseas." Click here if you can help them.

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