Guatemala on alert in wake of volcanic eruption

By May 31, 2010

Guatemala (MNN) — Guatemala's
Pacaya volcanic eruption late last week prompted a state of public emergency in
its capital city. It's expected to last at least 15 days, because the volcano
is unstable.  

Gloria Caceres with Orphan Outreach says those living nearest the volcano have been evacuated. "About 1000 families from the areas near to the volcano had to go to shelters since the volcano erupted big rocks and tons of lava."   

Caceres noted that on the first night of the eruption, Thursday, "We had a mix of tons of rain today with the Pacaya volcano erupting. The volcanic sand reached several areas of Guatemala including the city. There was more than an inch of black volcanic sand covering the streets, cars, everything."

It also disrupted flights and stranded
passengers at the airport. As for the
children they're working with in the schools and orphanages, Caceres
says, "Praise God, our ministry is fine. But it definitely is affecting the
whole capital of Guatemala." 

Orphan Outreach is also watching for a quake
in the next few days: "They're
trying to mobilize people as they can. We just have to try and watch out
because the volcano might erupt again." 

Mudslides are another concern. In
the meantime, their team continues to live out the Gospel. "Pray for us to keep our faith strong
and know that God is in control." 

Orphan Outreach is
partnering with ministry programs in Guatemala City, as well as working in the
communities of Panabaj and Lemoa. They
could use help. See our links for

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