Gypsies on fire for God

By May 8, 2014
Photo by Patrick Cariou.

(Photo by Patrick Cariou)

Slovakia (MNN) — Gypsies are the largest and fastest growing minority group in Europe.

The population of Gypsies in Slovakia is growing three times faster than the general population of the country. Gypsies live on the outskirts of society and are often times distrusted, despised, and isolated.

There are approximately 300,000-400,000 Gypsies living in Slovakia under terrible conditions. Suffering from high rates of poverty, crime, illness, and unemployment are only a few of the struggles Gypsies deal with on a daily basis. They are not welcome in villages and are forced to set up camps miles outside the city limits. Gypsies make their homes in a few houses without electricity or running water. Some even live in wooden shacks, tents, or cardboard boxes.

International Needs Cinobana Gypsy ministry has grown primarily through personal evangelism, with the gospel spreading largely among teens and young adults. Missionaries with International Needs, Jozef and Julia, share the gospel with the isolated Gypsies.

Growing up in the village of Cinobana, Slovakia, Jozef was on a path to destruction. With his heart full of hate, Jozef relied on alcohol, sex, and drugs to numb his pain. In 2001, Jozef heard the gospel through one of his friends and was amazed that Jesus could actually love him, a sinner and a Gypsy. After giving his life to Jesus Christ, Jozef was transformed and began to share God’s love with friends and family.

Today, Jozef is joined by many other Christians in his village, and they are working as a group to change the message the world gives to Gypsies. Gypsy children hear about a God who loves them and values them as His beloved children. Gypsy teenagers learn that they have an important voice in society because they matter to God. Older Gypsy adults are catching the fire of these young adults and are being baptized into the family of God.

Please pray for Jozef and Julia as they continue to change the message the world gives to Gypsies. Pray for the continual growth of the Christian community in Slovakia.

Support for the Cinobana Gypsy ministry allows them to reach out to isolated and hopeless Gypsies. Will you help International Needs reach out to the Gypsies?


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