Haiti at a low ebb

By December 30, 2009

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti is at a low

A new report shows poverty has
forced over 200,000 children into slavery. There are more starving people in more desperate situations than ever

For Haiti With Love is working to
meet the physical needs presently, but they enter 2010 knowing the sour U.S. economy
has taken a heavy toll. 

For Haiti's Eva DeHart says one of their donors,  R. W. Caldwell, went home to be with the
Lord.  A staunch supporter, he often said, "When you need
beans, let me know." DeHart said his help was a blessing, but his
personal enthusiasm, notes, and words of encouragement were his real gifts. 

For Haiti also recently learned that a donor foundation did
not survive the recession. This agency
will be closing their doors soon, leaving a $5,000 quarterly hole. The donation supplied medications and food to
treat the children through the clinic.  

For Haiti needs help to keep the doors
of the clinic and feeding program open. DeHart says, "Bluntly, we need your help and are praying that you

As the For Haiti With Love team responds to the
physical needs, they are acting as Christ's hands and feet to those they're
serving. You can help. Click here.

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