Haiti attempts to open schools

By March 2, 2010

Haiti (CMP/MNN) — Quake-ravaged
Haiti wants schools back in session by the end of March. However, officials estimate that the
earthquake damaged roughly 80-percent of schools. The quake also destroyed the Education
Ministry, which hasn't been able to resume its duties.

The government is still trying to
assess the extent of the damage to the education system, even as they try to
mandate a quick return to the classroom. Further complicating that deadline, hundreds of survivors flocked to school grounds and set up makeshift refugee
camps. City officials say they hope to
evacuate people and relocate them elsewhere so the schools can operate. 

Compassion International is trying
to bring some normalcy back into the lives of the more than 64,000
children they're serving. But until new
buildings can be built, many schools may have to meet in tents.

In addition to
assessing and rebuilding schools, Compassion is also training children and
their families to be safe while living in tent cities.

Compassion is partnering with
Engineering Ministries International to determine what repairs are needed at
school buildings serving Compassion's church partners and how to improve
buildings and facilities to withstand any future earthquakes.

Compassion is also continuing the
difficult process of taking a census of every registered child who was
significantly impacted by the earthquake. They work through one-to-one
sponsorships for the long-term release from the cycle of poverty in Haiti.

Pray for the staff as they act as
the hands and feet of Christ.


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