Haiti mission organization goes green

By May 1, 2015
(Photo courtesy of FHWL via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of FHWL via Facebook)

Haiti (MNN) — One mission organization in Haiti is experiencing the benefits of going green.

For Haiti with Love recently finished installing solar panels, a new battery bank, and inverter system on the roof of its headquarter building. The organization previously spent around $1,000 dollars per month on diesel and $500 to EDH. The panels, which cost $7,000 dollars, save the organization upwards of $500 per month, leaving more room to carry out Christ’s work.

The switch comes at a time when the entire country is working toward becoming a solar power nation. In 2013, the nonprofit organization EarthSpark International was awarded a $13 million grant by the U.S. Agency for International Development and its partners. The money is to be used toward a program called “Powering Agriculture: A Grand Challenge for Development.” It is working working to establish “micro-grids,” or a series of poles that generate energy in a town and distribute it to members within that town, beginning in the city of Les Anglais.

One benefit of solar energy, especially in Haiti, is that it is safer than other energy sources. As many Haitians burn wood and charcoal to generate electricity, many people, especially children are easily burned. The use of solar power in Haiti would cut down the amount of injuries, which would mean fewer patients at For Haiti with Love’s medical center. This would also cut costs, allowing the mission to direct funds toward food, expanding gospel influence, and other needs.

But renewable energy isn’t the only way For Haiti with Love is improving its ability to assist the suffering. The organization recently moved its food distribution center to a shadier area, so people don’t have to wait in line out in the hot sun. Workers also painted the front of the headquarter building, installed metal screens in front of the generator area, and will soon paint the organization’s logo on the front of the building.

Here are a few ways you can help For Haiti with Love as they strive to help others:

  • Pray that the different upgrades will improve the mission’s effectiveness.
  • Pray for the organization as it shows Christ’s love by working to meet physical needs and spread the gospel.
  • Consider donating to For Haiti with Love. Find a list of specific needs by clicking here.

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