Haiti outreach needs new tool

By April 10, 2007

(MNN) — For Haiti With Love is in the process of raising $2,000 dollars
to buy a new tool for ministry. It's a diesel truck
that is more durable, doesn't flood out in high water, and is more economical in Haiti. 

According to the ministry, a missionary from the
state of New York is in Haiti
and wants to sell his diesel truck to FHWL for $15,000. The agency got a $13,000 foundation gift that could be used to help
purchase the vehicle, and the remaining
$2,000 would need to be raised by For Haiti .

The agency's last utility truck couldn't survive the region's
hilly, unpaved terrain and finally broke down for good. But because mobility is
important for the team, the gentleman from New York has been letting For Haiti use the vehicle
to see if they can raise the rest of the money while he is  currently in the

A large vehicle is essential to the ministry to transport heavy supplies, such as construction
materials, bags of rice and beans, medical supplies, and other materials from
the headquarters to various ministry sites. They work in the northern part of Haiti–an area seemingly
overlooked by other organizations. Their base is in the city of Cap-Haitien.

For Haiti'
evangelistic work is closely tied with their reputation for meeting the physical needs of
the hurting. Click here if you can help .

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