Haiti party moves mountains for ministry

By January 5, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti's distress is stark and wretched. It eats away at dignity and drives people
into total despair. "The poverty level is the highest that we have seen," observes Eva DeHart of For Haiti With Love.

The ministry team spends half a year preparing for their
annual Christmas in Haiti party. They "killed the fatted cal" to make sure there
was enough to go around. Gifts and
sweets shipped over in late fall. 

With the poor swelling ranks, would it be enough? "(We)
had plenty of food. In fact, (we) had three feedings at the party–(we) fed
over a thousand people this year." This year's party provided fresh beef, rice,
beans, American cookies, and nutritional drinks to over a thousand people in
three sittings. Children from two orphanages also joined in the feast. 

The love of Christ continues to bring hope in
desolation. DeHart says their mission is
all about dignity. A simple touch
through a party restores hope and opens doors for the Gospel. "It's just kind of the culmination of
what we do all year long because our emergency clinic, the homes that we
build–they're all representations of how God loves them."

Funding these ministries and keeping the feeding programs
going on shrinking dollars will provide the greatest challenge in 2010. They're asking for help and asking Christians
to pray about how they will respond.

In a recent newsletter, DeHart writes that as amazing as
it seems to outsiders, there is much joy among the people. "It seems that the
less 'stuff' people have, the happier they really are. They depend on one
another more, and family is so very important. Friendships are sometimes the
difference between life and death." 

DeHart concludes, "May that JOY fill America this year… May
we put aside the greed as the poem says and think more about God and personal
relationships: less 'me' and more 'we.'"

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