Haiti president thwarted in ‘wake up’ call

By July 19, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — Political infighting in
Haiti means the new president, Michel Martelly, has been unable to make good on campaign
promises made in the wake of Haiti's 2010

His first pick for Haiti's Prime Minister was rejected by Parliament. In his second attempt to fill the position,
Martelly chose former justice minister Bernard Gousse as his nominee. Gousse, meanwhile, has twice delayed the
filing of his paperwork until July 21, and there's word he will likely be
rejected as well.

Martelly's inability to form a new government has had a direct impact on
nearly everything connected to the restoration of the disaster-ridden country.

Bright Hope International is not exempt in that. In a letter from their partner, Jephthe
Lucien — director of Pignon Ministries, he writes that a full container of
supplies is stuck on the docks. The
container holds food, clothing, bikes and medical supplies that are desperately needed
to support the ministry.

Lucien leads the work of the
Jerusalem Baptist Mission. Since 1996, he has planted 42 churches with over
4,000 members and 17 Christian schools with over 2,900 students.

The Mission's economic development
programs have directly impacted hundreds of families throughout Pignon. This
ministry has improved the quality of life in Pignon for thousands of people.
More importantly, it has greatly strengthened the level of Christian witness
opportunities in these communities.

Lucien writes that, "[sic] Customs officials fear losing their jobs by approving containers not supported
by the Prime Minister's office. Unfortunately,
it is backward thinking and part of the corruption culture mentality."

It may take a
few more weeks for a new PM to be appointed, which would push the original customs
approval date until the end of this month or later. Please pray for this to be


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