Haiti rebuild slow, but church growth zooming

By July 8, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Not even six months after the Haiti earthquake, Global Aid Network (GAiN) USA president Duane Zook says the world has forgotten. "Haiti is off their minds, but Haiti isn't over. Haiti continues to have needs."

Zook, who is now in Haiti for the third time since the quake hit, says the country is attempting to rebuild. Men and women are setting up shop wherever they can, trying to sell the little they can to recommence normal living.

"There are a lot of efforts, but the effect of the destruction is still there," says Zook. To combat this, GAiN Worldwide has shipped millions of dollars worth of aid, millions of meals, hundreds of tents, and numerous hygiene kits to Haiti.

As GAiN has responded to the devastation through local churches, the country has improved in unimaginable ways. One church which partnered with GAiN has exploded with growth as Haitians have seen the love of Christ at work. It's members have been helping people among the tent cities for the last six months,

"Prior to the earthquake, the church was about 1,000 people," says Zook. "On Easter Sunday, about 1,300 people were baptized. And as I talked to the pastor this week, now they have 8000-9000 people every week."

As churches across Haiti have grown, aid has increased as well. In fact, the two have become virtually indistinguishable. Zook says that while churches are offering plenty of aid through GAiN and other organizations, ministry distributions have essentially begun to offer church. The Gospel is spreading like wildfire.

Hopefully this exciting progress will be enough motivation to keep up with the difficult rebuild process. GAiN is planning on sending several teams to Haiti soon to help with a variety of things and is looking for the following volunteers: people with medical experience to work in the clinic; those with educational experience to train the community about sanitation and hygiene, or with the ability to train Haitians in trade skills such as cooking and carpentry; and men and women who are skilled in the construction of buildings or the development of agricultural.

If you can help with any of the mentioned needs, please consider committing some time to go to Haiti and help the church and the country rebuild. Click here to contact GAiN if you're interested. If you're not sure you can help in any of these categories, GAiN has another great way to serve: carepacks. One carepack provides one child with food, medicine, clothing, shoes, school supplies and the Gospel for $48. To donate a carepack, click here.


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