Haiti remains tense as elections draw near

By November 22, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Haitian President Rene Preval is condemning anti-United Nations violence that broke out last week. Haitians took to the streets of Cap Haitian, Port-au-Prince, and other cities claiming that the UN brought cholera to the country.

The riots have affected the work of many Christian ministries, such as Kids Alive International.

Robenson Gedeus with Kids Alive is in Cap Haitian where the violence began. He says, "We can't open our schools. All the kids have to stay in the houses. This is very, very difficult because we can't go buy gas to run our generators. We can't buy any food because no cars are allowed in the streets."

The ministry runs children's homes in Cap Haitian for orphaned and desperately needy children. Gedeus says one sick boy wasn't allowed to go to the doctor because of the violence. He says, "Me, personally, I tried to go to the houses and see the children and talk to them, but I can't do that. So we just contact them by phone only because we can be killed or injured."

While the cholera riots seem to be waning a bit, elections are fast approaching. Gedeus says short-term teams may need to rethink their trips. "I think this is NOT a good [time] to come to Haiti, because usually in Haiti when we have elections, we take one or two weeks to get the results. And many times there is violence days after the elections."

National elections are being held November 28.

Gedeus says, "Even though we have violence in our country, the Gospel is still the first thing. We pray with the children every day so that God will change our country. We believe that through the children, Kids Alive can [help Haiti] have a better future."

The massive earthquake which hit Haiti January 12 has left many children orphaned and homeless. Kids Alive is providing a home for a few of them. Gedeus says sponsors are needed. "We have more than 45 children waiting for sponsors."

It costs just $35 a month to sponsor a child. It will not only provide them with a home, food, and education. It will also ensure that these children hear the Gospel.


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