Haiti: US Embassy closure amidst gang violence

By August 11, 2023

Haiti (MNN) — The United States had to shut down its embassy in Haiti on Tuesday due to gunfire close by. Gang violence has Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area in a state of anarchy. Gangs also kidnapped an American nurse and her daughter two weeks ago. Thankfully, they were both recently released.

With news like this, Roseline DeHart at For Haiti with Love reminds us, “Just because they see something in the news about Haiti, not every Haitian is bad. Not everybody is bad. There are good people and there are hurting people in Haiti.”

The violence is really limited to southern Haiti. For Haiti with Love runs a burn clinic out of Cap Haitien in the north where there’s no gang violence.

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love)

DeHart says, “While this bad news has been going on again, we have people calling us to see if we’re safe, if I’m safe, am I okay? I keep telling them that Cap Haitien is okay. It’s fine. It’s normal.”

Sadly, “Every time Haiti is on the news, our contribution goes down because people don’t want to send the money thinking that it doesn’t go down because of all the problems that’s going on,” says DeHart.

“So our contribution is down, and we’re having a hard time buying supplies for the clinic. When somebody comes in to clinic, we can’t tell them no, because they’re hurting. So we would like prayers. Maybe God will talk to somebody to help us to buy the stuff we need for the clinic.”

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Header photo courtesy of Jorono/Pexels.