Haitian Christians meet in churches as earthquake aid trickles in

By August 26, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — Many Haitians have resumed church services inside church buildings damaged by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14. Christians are mourning the dead but also praising God for their own safety.

Disaster aid

Meanwhile, relief efforts into the country have been hampered by gang violence. Various groups have blocked roads and even hijacked vehicles transporting food. One gang leader has offered a truce to allow aid into the damaged peninsula where the earthquake hit, but it’s not clear how much of an impact it would make unless more gangs commit as well.

As the aid trickles in, some politicians have begun supplying it themselves or even using their planes to transport injured patients. They are especially motivated to do so by the upcoming general elections.

AMG’s work

Brian Dennett says AMG International is trying to get food to affected areas as well. “Most of the clinics and hospitals were severely damaged and are unable to meet the needs there. AMG has a hospital that’s northwest of that area. We are open and trying to attend to some patients from the area. But we’re also lacking a lot of medical supplies. The entire country is.”

You can help get medical supplies into the country by supporting AMG. You can donate here.

Dennett says at least 30,000 people lost their homes, so AMG is working to provide clothing and blankets as well. “Those that were not severely hurt or injured are leaving and heading to other areas. For example, where our clinic is located, we see people coming in looking for help.”

Pray for the hope of Jesus to meet Haitians after this devastating earthquake. Dennett says, “Haiti needs hope: the hope we’re able to give as we help to meet basic needs of health and food and water.”



Header photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.