Haitian church reaching out to victims of hurricane

By October 7, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — Thousands of people are hungry today in Haiti as humanitarian aid groups try to reach those hit hard by Hurricane Jeanne. The storm killed 1,500 and left 300,000 homeless and the water has yet to recede.

Evangelical Baptist Missions has been helping a new church in Haiti. EBM’s Jim Burdick says this church wants to be involved in helping both physically and spiritually. “This church has come up with a unique plan and actually contacted us and said, ‘we have a plan here to help families in the flood and hurricane areas and would like to reach out to them and all they’re asking is for us to participate in any way we can.”

These Haitian believers want to put together care packages, including food stuffs,, personal care items and clothing, with the ultimate goal of sharing the Gospel.

Burdick says Christians worldwide and have a significant impact on this outreach. “This is Haitians reaching Haitians and yes, foreigners can participate by sending money to the EBM office and we have a fund established to help with that, but this is going to be funneled through a Haitian church. And, what that does then is allows us to come back in later on and say, ‘hey, how else can we help with the on-going types of things?’ Again, Haitians reaching Haitians and that’s what missions is all about.”

If you’d like to help these Haitian believers reach out with these care kits and the Gospel, go to http://www.ebm.org or call 1 (317) 872-4488.

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